21 September 2007

License information - quick update

This past Friday I received an email from a nice lady at the Jamaica Spectrum Management Authority. In the letter she told me that on Monday our licenses were being sent. She stated we ought to have them soon, hopefully within a week or so.

It's cutting it rather close, as our trip is on the 9th, so, if the licenses do not arrive by the time we depart then we won't be taking equipment :(

With a little luck, and some help from the postal service we will -- we hope -- see them before the week is over next week. Today is the 21st, and we don't leave until the 9th, so we have some time still. Wish us luck.

Tonight, I am getting some rest, and early in the morning, before most of you are even thinking of waking up, I will be headed into the mountains with my wife, our backpacks and a tent where we will spend the weekend and look at the mountains, and deer. See you when we get back.

Until next post, 73!!!!!