18 October 2007

Complete Bust....

We arrived in Jamaica ok, and on Friday morning set up and started testing.

Everything was great. Receiver worked, antenna was nice, we were collecting signals all over the world from on the ocean.

Then we tested the transceiver.

It worked, but we could not more than a couple of watts out of the rig at extremely high SWR.

I didn't have any other equipment to test the rig available so we spent about an hour trying to figure out the problem, tried a few transmissions and discovered the rig got very hot, very quickly.

At 1300 local time, we called it quits.

The luggage and the rig were "lost" in transit on the way back, but was delivered late last night.

Some time this week, I'll check the rig on the bench. I suspect some thing got bounced out of place internally at this point.

The antenna and cable will be checked as well to determine the problem.

For anyone who listened for us, thanks.

No QSLs this time :(