30 August 2007


Does this look right to everyone? :)

Split frequency operation during operations hours on 14.19Ø+/- 1Ø KHz, TX, Listening 14.2ØØ – 14.23Ø (+/- 1Ø KHz)

Operation will consist of calling CQ DX on our calling frequency and announcing our call, QTH and “Listening between 14.2Ø and 14.24 KHz” (or whatever is called for if the chosen frequency is busy).

Radio will be preprogrammed with some VFO frequencies to listen on when we shift the VFO up and down.

Headsets will be used by both operators during QSO recording and conversations, so that extraneous noise will not interrupt us, nor will our radio traffic bother other resort patrons nearby.

One operator will record data, other operator will do contacts. We can switch off as necessary to give voice breaks and bathroom breaks… and someone has to get the drinks occasionally. (One must take all things into account in a tropical resort!)

A listing of local frequencies is on the next two pages, for emergency operations, International Groups, Caribbean groups and local HF groups in Jamaica. Both High Frequency as well as VHF/UHF frequencies are listed.

Our handie-talkies will be programmed with local repeaters for local repeater operations.

(Suggestions, comments welcomed)

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