05 September 2007

More Antenna testing

On Thursday of last week, I pretty much finished manufacturing the parts I needed to assemble the antenna we're planning on taking with us. Thursday evening, I fired up the rig for the first time on Thursday evening and made a half dozen more contacts with it, then Friday even we did more.

Over Saturday, Sunday and Labor Day Monday, I had the rig set up in the back yard on the deck, with the power supply we were planning on using, as well as various microphones. There were no really noticeable differences on audio quality (except when I actually placed the desk mike I was using, a Shure 444D back into High Impedance mode... not sure how I switched that off) and got "Audio is 100% better with that setting".

The normal hand mic seems good enough, and of course it is very light, so it's going. A brass key will go along, but likely will not get used.

I made a couple of dozen contacts from Canada, to Florida, to Bogotá, Columbia and several other places, including Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, and a few other places I can't recall at the moment. Signal reports varied from 5/4 to 5/9 and at least two that were 5/9 +20 db. I am very happy with the testing of the antenna.

The really cool part about the weekend (ok, WARM part!), it was very warm and I had to use an umbrella every day to keep the sun off, and of course, drink a few cold beers to "get me in the mood". We also snapped a few pictures which I will insert in the next few days of the antenna, power supply and the rig. I think I got at least one of JoAnne doing some reading at the rig. Might put that up if she "approves". :)

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