02 October 2007

More licensing information

Well, bad news.

I've just had several emails going back and forth with Jamaica Spectrum Management Authority. Although they have processed and mail our license, via registered mail, the US Postal Service seems unable to locate or deliver the information to us.

According to our friend, Nadine at SMA, the package was mailed on 17 September. I have found nothing in my mail box, and no one at the house has seen any registered deliveries, or pink slips in the mail box since I told them to keep their eyes open. They have been bringing the mail in like clockwork every day, and there has been nothing.

So, this morning I started the long, and idiotic process of trying to communicate with people who don't know what they are doing at the USPS. My assumption is they don't know what they are doing, because they told me that they can't look anything up without the "number". Not being specific myself, I asked the lady in Jamaica for "the registration number" (which is what the local postal person asked me for). She sent me a six digit number.

I dutifully called the USPS back and gave the number to the same lady I'd spoken to earlier. She said... "And...?"

I said, "And.. what?"

She asked, "Are there any letters?"


"Well, I need something in front of or in back of the number to do anything with it".

Apparently there is a prefix and/or a suffix -- what she was unsure of. It would seem to me that a tracking number is somehow associated with a name. Doesn't that seem somewhat reasonable to you? She said, "no, I can't use this number".

I guess their databases aren't as good as they think? Well, I've responded back to Ms. Nadine for more information and currently, the situation is looking pretty bleak.

Well, the bright side is, even if I can't transmit from Jamaica, I can always sit on the beach and drink rum. :)

Thought just occurred to me -- did they mail the package to my home in Colorado, or to the Hotel in Jamaica?!?!?!?! (Sent an email to that effect)

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