03 October 2007

Now for the GOOD NEWS

As of this moment, I have in my hands copies of our Jamaica Amateur Operator's license.

JoAnne's call sign will be KBØIRW/6Y5
Rick's call sign will be NØNJY/6Y5

We will be departing on 9 October 2007 from Colorado Springs, CO and should arrive sometime that evening in Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies.

Operating Dates will be Friday - Sunday, 12 October 2007 through 14 October 2007
Operating Times will be ROUGHLY from 1900 UTC through 2300 UTC depending on weather conditions, propagation conditions and how much we've had to drink... (just kidding)

Look for us somewhere around 14190 KHz, listening either up or down about 10KHz give or take (we'll let you know when we start calling CQ and on and off throughout the QSO).

Wish us luck, and know that we will be thinking of all of you while we're on the beach in Jamaica!

Best of 73 to each and everyone!

Rick Donaldson, NØNJY/6Y5
JoAnne Donaldson, KBØIRW/6Y5

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